Chesterfield Climate Strike - Friday 20th September

(Report by Chesterfield Trades Council)

Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make the Chesterfield Climate Strike rally today such a success and important step forward for the climate justice movement. Firstly thanks to the school and college students who came along. We reckon that we had representation from pretty much every secondary school in the Chesterfield as well as from Chesterfield College. Particular thanks to the young children from Holme Hall Primary school. They had been studying climate all week as a special topic and came out onto the streets to teach us all a lesson! Thanks to all our speakers and especially the school students who spoke so eloquently about the need to save the planet. Thanks to the members of Chesterfield Unite Community Branch who provided stewards for the march to help keep us all safe on the day. We estimate that up to 500 people took part today which is great turnout for our town. So thanks to everyone who came along and participated. From all the reports coming in it looks as if all of the mobilisations in Derbyshire today have been great, and nationally and globally it clearly has been a hugely significant day.

Special thanks due to Kays Electronics who provided the PA system for Free!!